Video Management Tools – Optimized for Compression, Streaming, Storage and Security

Custom Video Management Solutions

Most companies struggle to find a video management provider that can deliver a system that meets their unique requirements. We deliver complete system solutions quickly and cost effectively so that our customers can solve problems and grow.


Video Management

  • Superior and affordable lossless video compression
  • Simultaneous Wavelet and Differential compression techniques
  • Highly customizable for resolution, framerate and content

Rugged Computing

  • Affordable security and health monitoring
  • Fever detection out to 7 meters(22’)
  • Wifi - 802.11X and Bluetooth support

Video Detection

  • Scalable, customizable virtual display surfaces
  • Wifi - 802.11X, Bluetooth support
  • Virtual command and control

Video Compression

  • Lossless Compression
  • High-level Encryption
  • Customizable Solutions
  • Video Chain-of-Custody