FCC Bans Authorizations for Devices That Pose National Security Threat

FCC Bans Equipment Authorizations For Chinese Telecommunications And Video Surveillance Equipment Deemed To Pose A Threat To National Security. New Rules Implement the Bipartisan Secure Equipment Act of 2021.

Under the new FCC rules cameras that are security risks will no longer be able to be imported or sold in the US.
Replacing existing cameras to attain prevent unwanted surveillance or hacking of in place video networks is cost prohibitive and time intensive. Tactuity has introduced CKUR, an easily implemented camera security device that provides a quick, effective yet affordable solution.

* Decentralized network security
* Supports Zero Trust and Least Privilege security models
* Logs all activity for complete analysis
* Prevents unauthorized access to networks
* Provides Indicator of Compromise (IOC) data
* TAA/NDAA Compliant equipment available

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