Tactuity Selected for US Navy Advanced Cyber Technology Evaluation

Charleston SC – Tactuity LLC in partnership with Vision4ce, LLC was selected to participate in the inaugural Naval Warfare Information Center Cyber (NIWC) Advanced Naval Technology Exercise. NWIC selected 26 technologies to evaluate in this all important and growing area of need. The technologies, DCX and CKUR, were selected due to their innovation and application in hostile environments.

DCX is a powerful encryption and compression technology first employed for remote pediatric surgery support was evaluated for fleet use. Tactuity co-founder and CTO, Dr. Brad Hutson worked with the Vision4ce-Tactuity team to bring this technology to the fleet to secure video from just about any source, both in transit and at rest. A major advantage has been to expand this capability beyond video, allowing its application to many forms of data. The sophisticated encryption scheme has been awarded a US Patent for ‘chain of custody’ or more simply put, data integrity.

CKUR (pronounced ‘secure’) was developed to protect networks from malicious software that is increasingly found in many popular surveillance cameras. The advent of ‘plug and play’ surveillance cameras both commercially and for the consumer, has opened the door into every network with these cameras. Tactuity research on these cameras has found that the software built into the cameras first map the network it’s on and then searches or “reaches back” for a path ‘home’ to unknown, unauthorized access. Tactuity found these ‘reach back’ are performed as often as every three seconds until a route is established. Once established, this can allow the injection of malware or ransomware packages into that network. Alarmingly, these packages can lie dormant until directed to attack. ‘Castle & Moat’ security postures are no longer viable as more and more processing moves to the edge. CKUR is designed to support a decentralized security stance and supports least privilege/zero trust principles. CKUR masks network address assignments and blocks any attempt to traverse networks. The software also logs all activity, whether authorized or not, to give operators a complete view of the activity on the edge.

After an intense, comprehensive ten-day evaluation, DCX and CKUR technologies were accepted and transitioned to Phase II by NWIC. Phase II allows any DoD activity to purchase these packages thru the NIWC contract.

To learn how these innovative security packages can benefit your organization, please contact Tactuity by email, info@tactuity.com or contact Len Corasaniti on 410-220-4253.